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Kings and queens of old cannot
Imagine being as great as the kindness
That you have shown me.
To be honest, I'm only staying a
Year or two longer in hopes to meet you.

I dare say you're one of my best friends,
Sharing my kindness with you is no bother.

Amazing that fate should cause a
Wondrously horrible mishap to occur,
Ensuring I take more notice of you to
Share with you my kindness.
Only rarely do people see the side of me that you see.
Most see a brick wall or a statue, for it is all I show.
Ever shall I care for you, as you care for me.
This is for :iconvvixie:, and I wrote it a while ago as sort of a "thank you" for her kindness.

Aishiteru oneechan~

This is an acrostic poem, so read the entire poem, then read the first letter of every line!
vvixie Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2011
:D haha i still love it <33 thank you so much~
adalwulfhelfgott Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2011
You're most welcome. <3
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